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Their Playful Wedding at the Four Rivers Environmental Center I think their wedding day could be summed up by their first look.  As Lexi tapped Ahren on the should and as he spun around to see his girl in her wedding dress for the first time that day, he let out uncontrollable, joyful laughter.  He […]

Modern Organic Wedding in Downtown OKC This has been a tough blog to write, mostly because there may not be a better story-teller than Jim and he would retell the story so much better than I ever could.  With this couple there is always a story.  There is always rich history.  Walking through their home […]

918 Creates at the Mayo Hotel I first came across Wendy’s work after she helped my friends over at Anthousai with a photography project.  Oh. My. Gosh! It was beautiful.  [Here’s a link so you can enjoy it too!] She was creative, and her edits were so fresh, and there was something about it that […]

I almost feel bad… Because this first look video teaser is such a tease!   First Look Video Teaser wedding dress | Blushing Bride Boutique bridesmaid’s dresses | Different Stores coordinator | Liz Ise from Chancey Charm Weddings venue | The Nest at Ruth Farms florist | Haute Poppies dessert artist | Amuse Bake Shop videography | KET DJ | […]

    A Day I’ve been looking forward to She text me first, asking if I was available December 15, 2017 to shoot her wedding.  I don’t know how to do backflips but in that moment I reeeaaaalllllyyyy wish I knew how. I was so excited! As we talked on the phone while I was […]

Rebekah and I had so much fun with Lindsay and Phil at their lakeside wedding at the Post Oak Lodge in Tulsa.  I remember Lindsay warning me that her and Phil didn’t necessarily feel comfortable in front of the camera [Who does?! Am I right?!] But after we spent their entire engagement session laughing together […]

That Dress! Maybe I’m just reading into things, but I think your wedding dress says a lot about you.  When I walk into the bridal room and I see your dress for the first time, it’s like finishing the conversation we’ve started months before.  I think it communicates how you move, the way you flow, […]

All That Needs to Be Said HER “Christian Tyler Reese. You’re it. I’ve always been pretty decisive.  Maybe not with picking where to eat, but definitely on the important things. From our first coffee date, I knew you were someone I needed to hang on to. The Lord orchestrated the setup of our relationship so […]

Last year one of my friends got engaged. Now this is a very special friend to me because at this point in my life she’s actually one of my longest running friends, even though I don’t get to see her as much as I’d like. I met her in Hawaii when I moved right after […]

Will Rogers Garden Wedding Video Teaser I didn’t quite realize how much fun I was getting myself into when I signed up for this wedding.  It was ridiculously beautiful and the bride and groom just floored me with their grace!  Working with Tricia was incredibly fun and I wish this wedding could have lasted a […]