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A Few Thoughts on Oklahoma Bridal Portraits There is a special feeling when you slip on your wedding dress.  It probably feels different for everyone but that’s what makes it so special.  The feeling is all your own.  Are you thinking about getting your Oklahoma bridal portraits taken?  Here are a few of KET’s thoughts […]

A Surprise Alpaca Engagement This has to be one of the most genius proposals I’ve seen!  I mean, let’s be real, Jon is the man!  You could say I am a super proud sister here is how the magic went down for his surprise alpaca engagement… Jon + Kaley pulled up to the Magnolia Blossom […]

An Edgemere Park Engagement Session in OKC It’s the season for Oklahoma engagement photography, isn’t it?  The weather is finally getting nice.  Everyone is coming out of their homes.  Personally, I feel like I’ve been in hibernation mode and all of a sudden I’m seeing neighbors and running into friends outside.  I love the spring!  […]

Unique, even where it’s native We drove out to Jim and Phillip’s home for their engagement session in Oklahoma City.  There’s a flower growing in their backyard. For the life of me, I can’t remember it’s name.  But since Phillip is a botanist, he had a wealth of knowledge about it.  It’s delicate and light […]

A Chilly Spring Engagement Session Oklahoma keeps tricking us! It should be warmer by now!  Matt flew in from Florida for the shoot. And although there were moments we all wished we were in Florida where it was warmer… we enjoyed a chilly spring engagement session.  All the more reason to cuddle! Kindred Spirits I’m […]

Oklahoma Glamour Country Engagement Session We rode together to their glamour country engagement session.  On the way, I began to realize that Taylor and Jerrad remind me of so many parts I love about my hometown.  There is a sense of adventure, the notion that everyone’s family.  And I’m not gong to lie, I do […]

Waterfall Engagement Session How far would you travel for an epic waterfall engagement session? When you live in the middle of Oklahoma it seems you have a few choices opt out of the waterfall and find beauty right where you are (in your home or your favorite date spots) drive a few hours to get to […]

Wow! Wow! Wow! Was my favorite part of this trip the actual photo shoot or the conversations we had on the drive out to Jet for their engagement session in the salt plains of Oklahoma??  Both! Their love story gave me chills, it’s so good.  A story of boy meets girl where the boy is […]

  What to wear… what to wear.  This is a fun one.  And honestly, for your engagement shoot, you can even pick a couple of outfits instead of narrowing it down to one.  So we have a lot to choose from.  Right now, let’s talk about our suggestions on what to wear for your engagement […]

Sunshine Bride He calls her his “sunshine bride,” and I love it!  We weren’t sure what the Oklahoma weather would dish out on this Thursday evening. Just earlier I heard Tornado warnings on my radio while I was dropping my kids off with their sitter.  But we must have picked the most beautiful spot in […]