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This all started back in April… As part of KET’s “On Being Brave” series, I wrote a blog post back in April of 2017 about sending a message of kindness to our daughters here.  It started with something I need to hear for myself. And continues on as something my daughter needs to hear. And […]

It was Time Seriously.  I take pictures for a living but as with most photographers, there aren’t very many photos of me.  I spent a week in Chicago with my kids and have 0… 0 photos of me with them! Yikes! It was time the photographer gets in front of the camera. Do you remember […]

On Being Brave Do you ever just wish you could reset everything?  I’ve talked about my monthly mid-life crises before and this is just part of that.  I usually jump straight to the conclusion that the only logical option is to pack up and move.  That way, EVERYTHING is new and we can really start […]

Today’s Mood = Playful Let me tell you how playfulness is saving my business.  But first, how are you feeling today? If you take a moment to check in, how are you really doing right this moment? How am I feeling today? Here’s a hint, I’m not exhausted, hustling, frantic or depleted… THANK, GOD!!!! I […]

Do you have a daughter? I never pictured myself with one.  I didn’t know what to do with one. And I definitely had no clue on how to communicate a message of kindness to a daughter. I pictured myself having boys.  Being more of a tomboy, I knew more about beating you in a game of basketball […]

This morning  I heard something die. It was 6:30a, still dark outside and I heard it.  I’m not sure what it was.  A cat? Maybe a bird? A squirrel? All I know is it was unsettling.  There were several shrieks and screams followed by more gurgling shrieks. And then silence. In the words of Cedar, […]

Embracing Regret Can we talk about embracing regret?  I told some friends at dinner a few weeks ago that my biggest regret was not opting to stay in Germany for an extra day in exchange for a night in a 5 star hotel and a first class ticket on the way home.  I know, I […]

Healthy Valentine’s Day Treats The inspiration for this shoot was to find a playful, affordable, healthy, and do-able Valentine’s Day date option.  Every couple should be able to have fun on a Valentine’s date whether you’re two weeks in or twelve years in.  And you don’t always have to do the normal dinner and a […]

On Being Brave I have a few thoughts on being brave.  Literally, just a few thoughts.  Like Being brave is more of a choice than a feeling In general, your bravery will be tested as much as you let it be tested [aka if you don’t practice being brave… you will not become more brave] […]

Authentic Portraits A Christmas Present to Myself Does anyone else give themselves presents for Christmas?! If that’s not a thing, don’t tell me because over the break I splurged on some classes from CreativeLive. One of my favorite classes was Capturing Authentic Portraits by Chris Orwig.  I’m not kidding when I say it was one […]