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This all started back in April… As part of KET’s “On Being Brave” series, I wrote a blog post back in April of 2017 about sending a message of kindness to our daughters here.  It started with something I need to hear for myself. And continues on as something my daughter needs to hear. And […]

It was Time Seriously.  I take pictures for a living but as with most photographers, there aren’t very many photos of me.  I spent a week in Chicago with my kids and have 0… 0 photos of me with them! Yikes! It was time the photographer gets in front of the camera. Do you remember […]

On Being Brave Do you ever just wish you could reset everything?  I’ve talked about my monthly mid-life crises before and this is just part of that.  I usually jump straight to the conclusion that the only logical option is to pack up and move.  That way, EVERYTHING is new and we can really start […]

There it was. Right there in my inbox. An email I didn’t even quite realize I was waiting to receive. But when I read it I nearly cried I was so happy.  Margo wanted to have her picture taken.  I mean, that’s what I’m here for… but what hit me [hard] was her reason why.  […]

Do you have a daughter? I never pictured myself with one.  I didn’t know what to do with one. And I definitely had no clue on how to communicate a message of kindness to a daughter. I pictured myself having boys.  Being more of a tomboy, I knew more about beating you in a game of basketball […]

This morning  I heard something die. It was 6:30a, still dark outside and I heard it.  I’m not sure what it was.  A cat? Maybe a bird? A squirrel? All I know is it was unsettling.  There were several shrieks and screams followed by more gurgling shrieks. And then silence. In the words of Cedar, […]

Let’s just all take a moment to say, WOW! What beautiful people these are!  I had some big dreams for Jason and Emily’s downtown portrait session. And I’ve still been daydreaming about them ever since. But I have a bit of a bone to pick and I’d love to bat the idea around with you.  […]

Embracing Regret Can we talk about embracing regret?  I told some friends at dinner a few weeks ago that my biggest regret was not opting to stay in Germany for an extra day in exchange for a night in a 5 star hotel and a first class ticket on the way home.  I know, I […]

Getting Your Picture Taken is HARD! Unless you practice in front of a mirror… often… you probably don’t love getting your picture taken. Getting your picture taken is hard!  I’ve always had the suspicion that if our insecurities can be exposed that quickly then the Lord could come in just as quickly to heal them. […]

On Being Brave I have a few thoughts on being brave.  Literally, just a few thoughts.  Like Being brave is more of a choice than a feeling In general, your bravery will be tested as much as you let it be tested [aka if you don’t practice being brave… you will not become more brave] […]