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Modern Organic Wedding in Downtown OKC This has been a tough blog to write, mostly because there may not be a better story-teller than Jim and he would retell the story so much better than I ever could.  With this couple there is always a story.  There is always rich history.  Walking through their home […]

An Edgemere Park Engagement Session in OKC It’s the season for Oklahoma engagement photography, isn’t it?  The weather is finally getting nice.  Everyone is coming out of their homes.  Personally, I feel like I’ve been in hibernation mode and all of a sudden I’m seeing neighbors and running into friends outside.  I love the spring!  […]

Unique, even where it’s native We drove out to Jim and Phillip’s home for their engagement session in Oklahoma City.  There’s a flower growing in their backyard. For the life of me, I can’t remember it’s name.  But since Phillip is a botanist, he had a wealth of knowledge about it.  It’s delicate and light […]

Modern Oklahoma Family Portraits KET exists to help you take hold of a moment by showing you an honesty portrayal of who you are with the people you love.  This family is about to move away from OKC for a while.  Selfishly, I hope they come back, but in all honestly want them to thrive […]

A Chilly Spring Engagement Session Oklahoma keeps tricking us! It should be warmer by now!  Matt flew in from Florida for the shoot. And although there were moments we all wished we were in Florida where it was warmer… we enjoyed a chilly spring engagement session.  All the more reason to cuddle! Kindred Spirits I’m […]

918 Creates at the Mayo Hotel I first came across Wendy’s work after she helped my friends over at Anthousai with a photography project.  Oh. My. Gosh! It was beautiful.  [Here’s a link so you can enjoy it too!] She was creative, and her edits were so fresh, and there was something about it that […]

Oklahoma Glamour Country Engagement Session We rode together to their glamour country engagement session.  On the way, I began to realize that Taylor and Jerrad remind me of so many parts I love about my hometown.  There is a sense of adventure, the notion that everyone’s family.  And I’m not gong to lie, I do […]

Waterfall Engagement Session How far would you travel for an epic waterfall engagement session? When you live in the middle of Oklahoma it seems you have a few choices opt out of the waterfall and find beauty right where you are (in your home or your favorite date spots) drive a few hours to get to […]

A House Full of Friends It’s a dream of mine to live with friends.  My ultimate goal would be to have a 3 story house and each story is a full of friends whether a family or singles but we all share the house and home together.  I have drawn out the basic layout and […]

This all started back in April… As part of KET’s “On Being Brave” series, I wrote a blog post back in April of 2017 about sending a message of kindness to our daughters here.  It started with something I need to hear for myself. And continues on as something my daughter needs to hear. And […]