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Eclectic and Modern Several of my long term friendships have started over sweets.  My #1 love language very well may be caramel.  And if you’ve read their wedding story, from last year, you’ll know I first met Sam over sweet treats at Crimson + Whipped Cream.  Then Brooke met Sam.  Next the Rice’s met Brook […]

Love-Filled Family Portraits The Boyds added a sweet little new one to their family recently.  Blythe.  Sweet, baby girl, Blythe.  It will be fun to watch her grow up and see how she shapes their family with her personality and opinions!  I remember thinking quite a few times while I was shooting this family just […]

Happy Birthday Cutie Patootie! Can I start off by saying that this dream angel of a child has really perfected her mean mug face.  How can she still be so cute when sometimes it feels like she just wants me out of the room?! I think the key is then a few seconds later she’ll […]

A Love Worth Celebrating At first they wanted a courthouse wedding in Tulsa.  Something simple and something sweet that would get the job done.  Their plans were thwarted for a couple of reasons.  1) It seems that the courthouse doesn’t do weddings the way they used to and 2) there were too many people who […]

Anniversary Photos If you missed KET’s Xmas Mini Sessions last year, I’m so sorry…. because we had so much fun!  GIFs + hot chocolate + portraits = goodness!! That’s where I met Kristen and Kevin and their five beautiful, ornery, and playful kids 🙂 We had a ball! Kristen mentioned possibly doing some “anniversary photos” […]

A Few Thoughts on Oklahoma Bridal Portraits There is a special feeling when you slip on your wedding dress.  It probably feels different for everyone but that’s what makes it so special.  The feeling is all your own.  Are you thinking about getting your Oklahoma bridal portraits taken?  Here are a few of KET’s thoughts […]

A California meets Oklahoma wedding An Oklahoma nurse married a California military boy and at the end of the night we had just made so many new best friends.  I really loved all these people!  When Caitlin and I first had coffee and talked about her wedding day, one thing she kept coming back to […]

A Surprise Alpaca Engagement This has to be one of the most genius proposals I’ve seen!  I mean, let’s be real, Jon is the man!  You could say I am a super proud sister here is how the magic went down for his surprise alpaca engagement… Jon + Kaley pulled up to the Magnolia Blossom […]

Their Playful Wedding at the Four Rivers Environmental Center I think their wedding day could be summed up by their first look.  As Lexi tapped Ahren on the should and as he spun around to see his girl in her wedding dress for the first time that day, he let out uncontrollable, joyful laughter.  He […]

An At Home Newborn + Family Session Who has multiple kids here?  Almost every friend of mine with children has a slightly different experience on what it’s like to transition from zero kids to one kid, and then from one kid to two kids, etc.  Personally, going from one kid to two kids was A […]