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Alicia + Joel Get Married at Rick’s Place

Alicia + Joel are Getting Married!!!

Wow! I sat down for coffee with Alicia + Joel months ago.  We were talking about the day they would get married at Rick’s Place in Coweta, OK.  It was a beautiful outdoor ceremony, modern but rustic, and sunflowers EVERYWHERE!  I was getting so excited for their wedding and then, at about 100 miles an hour Alicia started to tell the story of how they fell in love.  Oh my goodness it is so good!!

How They Fell All The Way in Love

The first time he met her in Chicago he fell for her. “I just met an angel” he said and by December of that year he was already saving for a ring before he even knew if she liked him. He was “leading the pass,” as he would say.  Alicia said she thought he was so humble and teachable which stuck her as incredible qualities.  

They were on the same missions team in India for a year which is where they both got to know each other. And without the other knowing, it was  where they both started growing affection for each other.  They weren’t allowed to date while they were on the team, company policy, but the very last day of the trip he heads to the airport and Alicia stays behind.  

Joel arranges for a friend to deliver a massive bouquet of flowers to her as his flight is taking off. She gets the flowers and as she turns around there he is to ask her out on a date!!  He bought her a dress and had a suit tailored for their first date.  A suit that he would later wear on their wedding day.

It’s not quite enough to say the rest is history.  That would be leaving too many good details out, but ask them next time you see them and I’m sure they will, with beaming faces and at 100 miles per hour, tell you the whole glorious story!

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