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Eclectic and Modern Family Portraits in Downtown OKC

Eclectic and Modern

Several of my long term friendships have started over sweets.  My #1 love language very well may be caramel.  And if you’ve read their wedding story, from last year, you’ll know I first met Sam over sweet treats at Crimson + Whipped Cream.  Then Brooke met Sam.  Next the Rice’s met Brook [over sweets]. Then Sam + Brooke got married [see video proof here] and it was a glorious day!  It was that same day I met the Peregrin family.  And here we are a year later, taking some eclectic and modern family portraits in downtown OKC.

I come from a big family myself and I always find it interesting to see how siblings can be so different and so similar at the same time.  I will tell you a few things these guys have in common is the way they care for their people… their wives bring a major dose of spunk to the family… and it’s all wrapped up in the arms of love from Mamma + Papa Peregrin.  Oh, and humor. A lot of humor 😂 I’m not sure if I’ve ever laughed as hard as when Mr P was telling us the story of how he and Mrs P started dating.

Family Connection

Such good stories and such great laughter.  I can’t help but imagine what my family will look like as my kids grow up and have spouses of their own.  How connected will we be? How many inside jokes will we have?  I have specific hopes for waht our family dynamic will be like in 20 years… but  I also know you can’t control it or force it.  But if we have as much fun or have as much style as the Peregrins when we get together… it will be a success in my book!

Thank you Mr + Mrs P for making beautiful children, for raising them to be incredible gentlemen, for loving on your newest daughters, and for letting me document you all!

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