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An Oklahoma Family Portrait Session | The Oskos

But where did the time actually go?!

It’s incredible how you can blink and a whole year goes by.  Blink. There it went.  When I was younger my dad tried to explain a nuance of time to me like this… One year in a one year old’s eyes feels totally different than one year of an 84 year old man’s life.  For a one year old, a year IS their whole entire life and it actually is their forever.  When kids say waiting feels like forever… they aren’t exaggerating.  It really feels like forever to them.  But for an 84 year old a year feels almost like nothing.  A quick blip.  

I am older than one year and less than 84 so somewhere in between [34 almost 35 to be exact].  Sometimes I think I can feel the years starting to move faster and faster… like pushing fast forward on a VHS.  I keep thinking it’s February when I need to start Christmas shopping already.

This session felt a little like that.  How did these girls grow up a whole year?  I took their family portraits toward the end of last year and *blink* here we are again for their Oklahoma family portrait session.  They are just as cute as I remember 🤩

I remember it like yesterday…

But one thing I remember as if it were yesterday was the way Zach and Mary Ann just fall into each other’s arms in laughter and how playful they are with their girls.  

It’s so easy to jump in and start playing with this family.  They are full of playfulness and curiosity.  Thank you, Zach + Mary Ann for all the fun.  I’m sure I’ll blink and another year will already go by, but I’m absolutely positive it will be a year full of giggles, and growth, and treats, and dates, and learning, and love!

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