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A Sun-Filled Family Portrait Session at the Myriad Gardens | The Weakleys

A Sun-Filled Family Portrait Session at the Myriad Gardens

It’s been a secret dream of mine to take family portraits for the Weakleys.  The fact that we picked a gorgeous day for this sun-filled family portrait session at the Myriad Gardens in OKC just made everything even better.  You won’t remember this, Jordan, but I remember the very first time I met you.  I bumped into you and Kyle at Barnes and Noble a few years after I had worked with Kyle at Starbucks.  I had remembered him talking about this girl named Jordan that he was really into… or at least everyone who worked with him said he was really into 🙂  and I liked you the moment I saw you and really wanted to be your friend.  We made a little bit of chit-chat and then had to go.  As we were walking away I called out something like “And you guys should totally come over for dinner sometime…” which wouldn’t have been weird except we had JUST met and you really had no idea who I was.  So I walked away, smacking myself in the forehead, for making things awkward just hoping I didn’t ruin the first impression.

Well, maybe I made things just weird enough because our friendship didn’t start then… but just a couple of years later when she was pregnant with twins, Luke + Graham.  I freakin’ loved being a part of their life when they were in Norman.  It was so much fun to see those boys grow.

Bigger + Better

And boy oh boy did those two boys grow.  They grew in length and personality and just the right splash of orneriness.  But the Weakleys just keep getting better and better.  This year they added sweet Rhodes to the family this year and he is quite the dream boat.  I caught myself staring at him several times during the shoot and constantly resisting the urge to put the camera down to pick him up! Thank you, Jordan + Kyle for letting me spend the evening with your sweet family!

This was the first fall family photo session of the season and I’m so ready for more! If you’d like to hang out in the sunshine and take a few pictures you can contact me here!

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