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Matilda is One!!

Happy Birthday Cutie Patootie!

Can I start off by saying that this dream angel of a child has really perfected her mean mug face.  How can she still be so cute when sometimes it feels like she just wants me out of the room?! I think the key is then a few seconds later she’ll burst into a contagious smile and the twinkle in her eyes just melts you and makes you feel like you’re on top of the world!  Yeah.. that must be it.  I can barely believe that Matilda is one.  How is she one?! But also, how have I ever lived my life without her??

As the aunt, I get to be completely biased and overly mushy about this sweet babe. And so I will be… so get ready 🙂

A blissful party and a bittersweet goodbye

Shelby, Matilda’s mom, has a superpower.  I mean, I think she has quite a few of them but one is that she makes you feel at home.  You feel at home when you’re at her house.  You feel at home when you’re with her no matter where you are and she even makes you feel at home in your own skin.  It’s truly a gift she has.  I’ve benefited from this gift for years [I’ve been in the Rice family for 10 years now!].  We share meals and she hosts holidays and birthday parties and for Philip and I, it has honestly been one of the grounding things in our lives right now.  We love it. And we love Dan and Shelby and the kids.

Matilda’s birthday marked the last party at their home in Norman.  They went out with a bang and then I got in my car and left in tears.  It’s the crazy mix of emotions of being so excited for their new adventures in their new city… know that they will do so well… and then also feeling sad they’re gone… and really missing them being across town.  It feels weird and I think we’re still all sorting through our emotions.  Family won’t change.  We’re in it for life and that’s something that makes me so happy.  It just means we’ll have to drive a little longer and maybe stay a little longer, too… Can we invite ourselves over for some slumber parties, Shelbs?!

Love you guys like crazy! And I will always be in love with this sweet birthday girl!  Here are a few photos now that Matilda is one!!

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