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Love Worth Celebrating | Kelly + Bob

A Love Worth Celebrating

At first they wanted a courthouse wedding in Tulsa.  Something simple and something sweet that would get the job done.  Their plans were thwarted for a couple of reasons.  1) It seems that the courthouse doesn’t do weddings the way they used to and 2) there were too many people who love them and wanted to celebrate them.  So they decided that they would have a party and spend a day celebrating their love!  Any my oh my, this is a love worth celebrating!

So They Threw A Party

If I said that Kelly was sassy, would you take it like a compliment? That’s how I mean it.  This girl has fire in her bones and it is both hilarious and beautiful.  It was so much fun getting to spend a Saturday with her and her family and it grew into an even bigger family over a few hours.  A beautiful chapel at the First Presbyterian Church in downtown Tulsa was the perfect spot.  The room began to fill with their friends as they got ready to share their vows with their children standing by their side.  Bob’s son and Kelly’s three children were the bridesmaid and groomsmen for the ceremony and once it was finished we headed to a beautiful home on Cherry Street that overlooked Tulsa’s skyline.

What a day! What a love worth celebrating! And what a party!  Thank you Kelly and Bob for inviting us in and letting us be a part of the crowd of friends you have around you who are sending you off with all kinds of love as you start this life together.


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