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Love-Filled Family Portrait Session | The Boyds

Love-Filled Family Portraits

The Boyds added a sweet little new one to their family recently.  Blythe.  Sweet, baby girl, Blythe.  It will be fun to watch her grow up and see how she shapes their family with her personality and opinions!  I remember thinking quite a few times while I was shooting this family just how lucky I was.  They feel like such a powerhouse of a family.  They are full of deep love, playfulness, and this thought kept hitting me in waves… these girls have no idea how lucky they are!  Their mom and dad are so wonderful and they just have no idea.  I hope that someday that truth will hit them, but for now they just whimsically play in the fun that their parents create for them.  And oh what a love-filled family portrait session we had!

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