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An Anniversary Photo Session | 15 Years As The Fitzgibbons

Anniversary Photos

If you missed KET’s Xmas Mini Sessions last year, I’m so sorry…. because we had so much fun!  GIFs + hot chocolate + portraits = goodness!! That’s where I met Kristen and Kevin and their five beautiful, ornery, and playful kids 🙂 We had a ball! Kristen mentioned possibly doing some “anniversary photos” for them in the spring of this year to celebrate 15 years of marriage.  Being in the middle of planning my own 10 year anniversary extravaganza… I couldn’t think of a more perfect idea!

As more of their story unfolded I felt like I got to relive their day just a little. They had grown up knowing each other but were reintroduced after some time away and pretty soon they both knew this relationship was going to go down in history and that their life was going to be so good.  They got married at a church in Washington, OK. Then drove a few blocks over to a home that her mother’s friend revived from bones to what it is today.  Kristen grew up playing in this home.  Volleyball in the back yard with church youth groups, parties, and little did she know that years later she would fall in love with a dang good volleyball player of her own, named Kevin.

The Fitzgibbons 15 years later

I get to walk into their lives 15+ years later and their love is still like fire and their playfulness is off the charts.  People use #relationshipgoals to be cute but this is actually the real deal.  This has depth and meaning and truth behind it.  What struck me is that all through the anniversary photo session Kristen kept saying she wouldn’t change a thing.  I know a lot of things about my wedding I would like to have tweaked or re-do, but her contentment + happiness + 0% regret just shown on her face like a beam of light.  You knew it was true and even started to feel contentment and thankfulness grow in my own heart for what I had.  I have loved their influence.

While I was finishing up editing their photos I saw a post from Kristen on Instagram that Kevin had been diagnosed with a terminal lung disease.  I was shocked! And sad, and scared, and confident in their trust of Jesus, and just felt a lot of other feelings.  It just didn’t seem like it could be true.  But I remember asking Kristen, before our session, if she had any feelings or words over their marriage that I could keep in mind during out session.  I’ll leave you with what she told me.

Psalm 77

“Psalm 77 is an anchor for us.  Essentially it says when things are hard and it feels dark, it is good to remember what the Lord has done, and you will be filled with hope because He has always been faithful.  So, I want to remember and celebrate His faithfulness to us, and be able to have something beautiful to hang on our wall(s) to keep remembering.  Marriage is beautiful, challenging, and transformative–we are so sure of this.  I am not even sure if this helps. I just want to enjoy the moment of being there and thinking and pondering on the goodness of our God to give us marriage and give us each other.


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