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A Surprise Alpaca Engagement | Kaley + Jonathan

A Surprise Alpaca Engagement

This has to be one of the most genius proposals I’ve seen!  I mean, let’s be real, Jon is the man!  You could say I am a super proud sister here is how the magic went down for his surprise alpaca engagement…

Jon + Kaley pulled up to the Magnolia Blossom Alpaca Ranch while I, Rebekah, crouched down behind a tiny bush trying not to spoil the surprise alpaca engagement.  Not too far away were two of the cutest alpacas I’ve ever seen! One was dressed with a tiny bridal veil and the other was dressed with a top hat and bow tie.

The Moment

The alpacas and I all waited for our sign.  First, Jon took her to meet the other alpacas and I heard Kaley let out the best laugh and squeal as they walked closer and closer. Then the time finally came and Jon led her around the corner and out popped the hidden alpacas dressed like a bride and groom!!! He asked for her hand and the rest will be a magical history.

Later Jon said, “I can’t tell if Kaley is more excited about the alpacas or finally being engaged!” There was just too much pure joy for anyone to Ben able to tell the difference  and just so everyone knows… the alpacas were equally as obsessed with Kaley as she was with them.

True love + alpacas for days

Not only was this so incredibly sweet and thoughtful, but it was a blast for me to shoot.  I’d have to say that the best part might have been when Kaley was feeding the alpacas carrots and when one of them choked and spit it back out! It definitely hit them right in the face and we almost die do of laughter, haha!

It was a fun evening for a surprise alpaca engagement! Thanks, Jon and Kaley for letting me share in your excitement!


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