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On Being Brave | A Message of Kindness To Our Daughters Video

This all started back in April…

As part of KET’s “On Being Brave” series, I wrote a blog post back in April of 2017 about sending a message of kindness to our daughters here.  It started with something I need to hear for myself. And continues on as something my daughter needs to hear. And will continue on as a message every daughter that ever was needs to hear.


A Message of Kindness to Our Daughters


Don’t grow up. But if you must… then grow up to be yourself and no one else. For you are enough.  You are art. The kind that wakes up a bored soul.  Your heart is open and free.  You are curious.  Your ideas are powerful.  Be patient, but don’t be quiet.  For your voice is needed.  Don’t turn someone else’s unhealthy message into your own self-talk.  You’ll begin to think it belongs to you.  Find the truth and let her be your friend.  Talk to her often.

You will know sadness.  Your heart will hurt and you will have the urge to hurry through the pain.  But don’t!  For you are strong and tender enough to feel it without breaking.  And then, you will learn to maneuver through life with great compassion.

In the words of my mother, “Don’t be afraid to explore who you are.  Don’t define yourself by what other people expect of you. Find what makes you happy.” And make it fun.  Enjoy it!

I think you will do amazing things in your lifetime, but I’m not waiting for you to be great. I’m celebrating your greatness now.

You are strong.

You are enough.

You belong.

You are not alone.

You are wanted.

You are loved.

You are loved.

You are loved, you are loved.

You are loved.



Why it matters

For what we think of ourselves will shape our daughters.


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