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On Being Brave | Starting Over… For the Millionth Time

On Being Brave

Do you ever just wish you could reset everything?  I’ve talked about my monthly mid-life crises before and this is just part of that.  I usually jump straight to the conclusion that the only logical option is to pack up and move.  That way, EVERYTHING is new and we can really start over.  So far, Philip Rice hasn’t been down for that… but I think I might be wearing him down and any time now we’ll move to the Netherlands.  Here we are again, starting over… for the millionth time.

Starting Over

After wanting to move out of the country, or to another state, or to another house so I can throw all my junk away instead of sort through it all, I jump in on the day-to-day-grind kind of things.  Asking questions like

  • What do I do with my time when I’m bored?
  • Am I loving my life?
  • Are we snuggling enough as a family?
  • What’s my one thing? I want a “one thing” but I don’t know what that is yet.
  • Am I being playful?
  • What trajectory and I on? Where will this way of living get me in 5 years [or at least my next monthly mid-life crisis]
  • We should eat better. How am I going to do that?
  • I should workout. What does that look like in life right now?
  • Where do I want to travel to this year?
  • What goals do I have?
  • What business goals do I have?
  • How can I talk Phil into moving to the Netherlands??

Some people seem so consistent and some people seem to have so many ups and downs.  I’ve decided that I am consistently changing.  I’m up and down often. That’s my version of consistency.  Philip works out every day.  Like every single day and sometimes more than once a day.  I don’t do that.  I get into a rhythm where I find a workout regimenI like and then I get bored with it and stop.  But over the course of my 33 years I consistently work out.  Not daily, but my version of consistency.  And I am so cool with that.

What will be new?

Good question.  I’m still asking my questions right now.  One thing that will probably change is KET’s presence on social media.  It’s one of the things that feels most unlike me.  I don’t know how to do it.  [Literally. Sometimes I try to post things and it just doesn’t work *eye roll*]. It feels so boring to try and post because I’m supposed to. And right now, I’m pretty bored with my posts.  And that just won’t work for me.  I think one of the very last things I want to spend my life doing is creating content that bores even me.  How silly.  I’m just not sure what “the meat” is yet so if you have any ideas feel free to throw them my way.  I’m all ears.

For now, I’m looking forward to Photo Native in Utah [another place I’ve tried to talk Phil into moving to].  It’s a conference to learn and grow creatively, not just as a business owner, but as a human being.  One of the main keynote speakers, Joy Prouty, is going to talk about how photography can be used as a tool for healing, and I’m starting to cry a little bit as I type that because I think that’s something I really need.  I might just need a really good cry.  I think there are a few more seats left for the conference so come join me… but be warned, I will probably be emotional the whole conference. Ha!

On Being Brave

Bravery looks different for us all.  This is one of the ways I’m working out being honest, brave, and beautiful… to really feel my emotions.  And not just let myself feel emotions but to let them wrap around me and sit with them for a while.  To linger in the my emotions when I feel happy, or grateful, instead of moving on the next thing to tackle.  I want to linger in my emotions when I’m sad, just to feel it.  And even linger in my emotions when I feel angry (a really hard one for me that sometimes feels impossible), because there is always a root to that anger and I need to visit it, not ignore it.

On Being Brave | Starting Over... For the Millionth Time | KET PhotographyOn Being Brave | Starting Over... For the Millionth Time | KET Photography

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