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Engagement Session in the Salt Plains of Oklahoma

Wow! Wow! Wow!

Was my favorite part of this trip the actual photo shoot or the conversations we had on the drive out to Jet for their engagement session in the salt plains of Oklahoma??  Both! Their love story gave me chills, it’s so good.  A story of boy meets girl where the boy is head over heels for the girl years [years] before she realizes it.  Beth Anne said all their friends knew too, so I guess she was the only one in the dark.  Time goes by, the timing never seemed right but they were still great friends.  Chris decides he’s moving to Tokyo and he calls to tell Beth Anne, who is so excited for him but when she get’s off the phone she just bursts into tear, not even 100% sure why she’s crying.  You and I both know why she’s crying and it didn’t take long for her head to catch up with her heart and now they’re getting married in December!  Someone please turn this into a movie!

Engagement Session in the Salt Plains of Oklahoma

Whenever I’m around Beth Anne everything just feels… bright.  You know those kinds of people?  Chris and Beth Anne are those kinds of people.

Not only that, but they were absolute champs at the photo shoot.  The weather forecast had been 70 degrees the week before but a cold front came through the night before our shoot and it was…. chilly isn’t the right word… it was FREAKIN COLD!!!  Thanks Chris and Beth for braving the cold to get these shots! December can’t come soon enough!

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