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Tips + Tricks | What To Wear For Your Engagement Session


What to wear… what to wear.  This is a fun one.  And honestly, for your engagement shoot, you can even pick a couple of outfits instead of narrowing it down to one.  So we have a lot to choose from.  Right now, let’s talk about our suggestions on what to wear for your engagement session.


I’m all for splurging on a piece or two for the shoot.  Actually, I highly encourage it. But check your closet first.  You can see what items you’ve curated over the last few years and what colors you’ve gravitated towards… those are your favorite. To make it easier on yourself you can start there and then begin to add a special piece here and there to finish off the outfit.


What To Wear For Your Engagement Photo Session | KET Photography


Where are we shooting?  In an open field?  By a lake?  Downtown?  You can tailor your outfits depending on the scenery.  An open field lends itself to a more casual, relaxed clothing.  Since there is a lot of texture in the background between rocks, trees, and the grass, it can be helpful to lean towards simple, solid colors for your outfits.

Shooting downtown or in an urban setting?  A beautiful graffitied wall or a colorful building can be a perfect backdrop for some dressier clothes.  Bold patterns, colors, and your little black dresses really go a long way in this setting.

What To Wear For Your Engagement Photo Session | KET Photography


Don’t let these suggestions on what to wear at your engagement session limit you.  Take them for what they are… suggestions.  The important thing is that you look and feel like you.  We’re taking photos to capture who you are now.  You and your fiancé.  To who who you are and what you were like in this part of your life.

Be playful. Have fun.  If you’re stressed, there’s a chance it will show in the photos.  Plan what you can plan ahead of time and when we get to the shoot it’s your job to enjoy your all of the cuddling and smooching you’re about to do!  I’ll take care of the rest!

I’m always here to help! If you have any questions feel free to ask! You can text me, or email me here or find me on Instagram. I have 100% confidence in you that you’ll find the perfect outfit and know exactly what to wear for your engagement session!

What To Wear For Your Engagement Photo Session | KET Photography

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