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Family Photos in the Park | The Oskos in Oklahoma City

Wow! This family is incredibly playful!  Fifteen minutes into our shoot I just wanted to put the camera down and join in their game of tag.  Would that have been weird? Maybe.  But it would have been worth it.  We started the shoot at their beautiful home in Oklahoma City and then headed to take the rest of their family photos in the park.  It was the perfect spot and we just let the playfulness continue.

Family Photos in the Park

Mary Ann, there is something about the way you run around with your girls [even in heels… um, WOW!] that just brought so much life out of them.  I could tell you weren’t just chasing them around for the pictures, because they acted like this was a game you guys play often.  When I was taking pictures I just imagined that these were the memories they were going to take with them as they got older.  I’m challenged by your playfulness to roll around in the yard with my kids a little bit more this week.

Zach, what a stud of a dad you are!  You do a great job of keeping up with all three of your girls.  I saw an incredible combination of thoughtfulness, strength, love, tenderness, and rowdiness that sets the stage for your girls to be who they are.  You are 10+ years into marriage and still look at Mary Ann like my engaged couples do.  I love that!

Let’s not forget about your amazing girls!  Energy galore and laughter for days.  It was so much fun chasing them around… or more honestly, waiting for them to run back toward me because their stamina far outweighs mine 🙂

Thank you so much for letting me tag along and take some family photos in the park.  It was ridiculously fun and I hope we get to do it again soon!

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