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Downtown Colorado Engagement Session | Brendan + April

We Meet Over Hot Chocolate

I met with Brendan and April over hot chocolates in a city outside of Denver, Colorado.  And I could just not get  my eyes off of April’s smile.  It’s so full and all encompassing and quickly draws you in to the joy that is causing the smile in the first place.  That day, the cause was Brendan.  I had already scoped out a location for their downtown Colorado engagement session but my work was basically already done… their affection… and her smile!

I actually just received their wedding invitation in the mail today. They have a literary theme and I love it!  He’s an English teacher and she’s a librarian.  I made sure to get plenty of book recommendations before driving back home to Oklahoma.  And I’m going to be honest… I’m always a little bit paranoid that they are both checking my spelling and grammar in all my emails! #sorryguys

Downtown Colorado Engagement Session | KET Photography



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