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On Being Brave | We’ll Call This The Beginning

On Being Brave

I have a few thoughts on being brave.  Literally, just a few thoughts.  Like

  • Being brave is more of a choice than a feeling
  • In general, your bravery will be tested as much as you let it be tested [aka if you don’t practice being brave… you will not become more brave]
  • Courage + bravery are the same in my book
  • When you’re being brave you usually don’t FEEL brave
  • I want to be brave

When I was a kid I was brave.  Brave… or oblivious.  I didn’t second-guess things, I didn’t hesitate, I just went for things.  Everyone was my friend.  I knew that I was beautiful and loved.  Cameras didn’t scare me and I even loved striking a poses and making movies with my siblings.  I once had the star role of Wendy in an impromptu performance of Peter Pan.  At 7 years old, with a broken arm, and rocking PERMED HAIR! Who wouldn’t cast me?! Also… I was the only girl available, but whatever, those are just details.

As much as I would like to I can’t go back to being a kid again.  Like all the lost boys dreaded, I grew up.  I have bills to pay, errands to run, meals to prep, clothes to wash, and kids of my own to take care of and give an amazing childhood to.  But growing up hasn’t been bad.  You can make your own plans and don’t have to ask your parents if you can go somewhere.  You are in charge of yourself!

The Beginning

What I’d really love to do is mix the two.  I want to know how to be a boss and also hold on to the playful, lighthearted, innocent, hopeful… dare I say it, oblivious presence of my childhood.  Somewhere along the way I must have packed them away because they aren’t my first instinct anymore.  The hope is that I can retrace my steps to pick up some of the things that I dropped but also to pick up new brave habits along the way as I move forward.

This series, “On Being Brave” is specifically for that purpose.  To practice being brave.  I think one of the bravest things I can think of is to live with an open heart.  To not get defensive when my insecurity buttons are pushed, to not shut down when I don’t feel like I’m very important, to learn how to be comfortable in front of a camera because I love and am happy with myself.  All of it from the way I look to my quirks to me natural tendencies.  All of it.

You can join me in the process if you’d like. Or not. But I’m pointing myself in the direction of bravery and I’m going to keep moving forward.

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