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Greenhouse Engagements Session in Oklahoma | Garrah + Dave

Greenhouse Engagement Session

There couldn’t have been a more perfect location than this for our Greenhouse Engagement session with Garrah and Dave.  Literally perfect!  It’s still winter in Oklahoma and to simply open a door and step into the warmth of summer surrounded by greenery… mmmm, just what our hearts needed!

But let me back up a moment.  I met Garrah through a friend.  We worked together on a photo shoot for a local magazine called Beloved.  It’s a lifestyle magazine written by and for young women and what I love about them is that they really focus on honesty, embracing reality, working through tough issues, and learning to take pride in just being yourself.  So it only made sense that I met this genuine, honest, and captivating girl through this magazine.

Her heart is as big as India; which is where she’s been living and where she got to know Dave.  They had been working together for a few months and were both smitten.  Their story is full of travel to tucked away cities of India, basketball games, and adventure.  Real adventure.  In fact, Dave almost fell off a balcony when he asked her out on their first date.  Lucky for all of us he made it out okay!

Nothing But Smiles

Back to the perfection of today. Garrah and Dave are so in love. Giddy in love!  You’ll see nothing but smiles and laughter in their greenhouse engagement session and it was all un-prompted.  They walked in the door giggling and almost never let go of each other.  A photographer’s dream!  [No discrimination against the non-cuddly… but as a fellow cuddler I have a special bond with PDA offenders].

Her killer Anthropologie dress find, her gorgeous hair, the light in her eyes and the smile.  That is what made this session perfect.

I can’t wait for their wedding in May!  They’re having a Cinco de Mayo wedding and something tells me it will be my best Cinco de Mayo yet!

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